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New Launching of 200KW 15000RPM Motor

September 10, 2019



New Launching of 200KW 15000RPM Motor


  MC Motor is a manufacture specialized in High Speed Permanent Magnetic Motors. For now ,our motors have already applied for many industrial usages, with client's great comments.


New Launching:


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Product Feature
1.Suitable for the 15000rpm high speed
2.High power & high torque
3.High efficiency
4.Small size
5.Low noise low vibration
6.Patented cooling structure
7.Easy maintenance and long life time
8.Durable, reliable

Model type: SRPM205H4O200
Voltage: 380V AC
Rated Power: 200KW
Working speed: 15000rpm
Efficiency: 96%

Isolation: H
Water/dust Proof: IP54
Pole Number: 4

Cooling Method: Oil